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Air Lift | 25870 | WirelessONE On-Board Air System - Single Path (Standard Duty)
Air Lift | 25870 | WirelessONE On-Board Air System - Single Path (Standard Duty)
Air Lift | 25870 | WirelessONE On-Board Air System - Single Path (Standard Duty)

Air Lift | 25870 | WirelessONE On-Board Air System - Single Path (Standard Duty)

Air Lift

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Advanced, Hassle-Free Air System

If you're looking for an efficient and more economical way to keep your truck's air springs functioning at their best during those uncertain situations where you're towing and having to re-hitch or compensate for uneven ground, the Air Lift WirelessONE Single-Path Compressor System is a great solution to consider. This handy system gives you an on-board air compressor as well as a compact wireless controller that is small enough to mount on your visor or fit in your pocket, giving you the flexibility of being outside of your truck while you're adjusting your Air Lift system in order to level out your load to give you safe passage during rough spots as well as a more fuel economic ride while at freeway speeds. Having a wireless system means fewer hassles when you're trying to keep your rear air springs balanced and filled at their optimal levels while you're hauling your gear, trailers, or toys and the last thing you want to do is have to find a gas station to fill up your air springs to the right height... if you're lucky enough to find one when you really need it. The WirelessONE Single-Path system allows you to adjust air pressure on the fly with an on-board compressor that you can use to maintain adequate pressure to keep your ride smooth.

Versatile Digital Wireless Controller

This system is based around Air Lift's unique wireless controller that allows you to inflate each spring while providing 3 different memory settings for frequent users. Dial it up high when you have a heavy load, or back it off when you're not towing. The remote's changeable back light (red, green or blue) gives you a great look that will match any look you're going for in your interior while easily attaching to your in-cab visor. The controller allows you to select the pressure in both of your truck's springs, either inside the cab or if you want to monitor it while outside, giving you the flexibility of being able to watch the air springs fill up to your desired height. The controller easily fits in the palm of your hand or your pocket for extra convenience.

High-Quality Air Compressor

Air Lift includes an on-board compressor that easily mounts to your truck in order to supply air as soon as it's needed, as well as all of the mounting hardware you'll need for an easy installation. The single-path compressor is powerful enough to get your air springs inflated once it receives the signals from the controller and can give you a warning message if they are at lower or higher levels than recommended. The compressor is best for drivers who have even loads and comes with air lines and is compatible with Air Lift air springs and most other brands of aftermarket air springs.


  • CFM @ PSI: 9
  • AMP: 7
  • MAX PSI: 100
  • Duty Cycle @ 100 PSI: 20%


Warranty Information: Air Lift backs up the WirelessONE system with a 2-year-warranty.